Traffic Safety Reminders


For drivers who drop off and pick up students in front of our school: Please remember a few rules to keep our students safe.

Parking Lot Safety


There have been a few near misses in our faculty parking lot. We are asking all students to not walk through the parking lot when entering/leaving our school. Instead, students should:

  • Walk from the sidewalk and enter through the middle pathway where there is a designated crosswalk in the middle of the parking lot OR
  • Walk from the sidewalk near the parking lot exit and following the walkway to the front of the school.

Traffic Ticket Offenses


In an effort to keep our students and parents safe at Pony Express when they are dropped off or picked up, the Sacramento Police Department and City Code Enforcement have been patrolling the front of our school. Be aware that you can be ticketed if you are in violation of a traffic code. Any of these violations carries a fine of up to $500.

List of Driving Offenses