Shoparoo with your Smartphone


Shoparoo is a free app for smartphones that allows everyone to raise money for Pony!  Simply use the app to snap pictures of your grocery receipts to earn Roo Points, based on the purchase amount.  (500 Roo Points = $1 cash donation from Shoparoo)  You can also take pictures of your non-grocery receipts for entries into Shoparoo’s $1,000 and $15,000 sweepstakes.

Install Shoparoo from the App Store, or Google Play, to get started!  Invite friends and family to join in, too.

FAQs and Tips:

  • You must submit your receipts within 14 days of the transaction date and time.
  • Each picture must include store name, purchased items with prices, purchase date, and transaction total.
  • Blurry pictures, or receipts that are too faded or altered, won’t be able to be processed.  Make sure that you always submit clear, unaltered pictures that include the required details.
  • The following types of receipts are not rewarded:  gas-only, service-related (ie. post office, hotels, etc.), credit card slips, movie ticket stubs, hand-written, return-of-purchase, and shipping invoices.