Congratulations to our Color Fun Run winners!


We had a very successful color fun run and the students, staff and volunteers all had an amazing time.

Congratulations to the winners! We can’t wait for next year’s Color Fun Run.

Girls & Boys Winners by Grade Level:

  • Preschool: Ana Erazo & Noah Nguyen
  • Kinder: Gea Ocampo & Javier Arellano
  • 1st grade: Leland Rincon & Ryan Szeto
  • 2nd grade: Nicole Shelton & Danny Martinez
  • 3rd grade: Ava Turner & Wences DelaSancha
  • 4th grade: Diamond Bunn & Leroy Lee
  • 5th grade: Ariel Lao & Sean Mangaoang
  • 6th grade: Jasmine Sanchez & Ethan Barrera

Thank you for supporting our students and Pony Express.